Ravi Instant White Wine Chiller

Innovative wine gadget perfect for outdoor settings. Don't worry about keeping your wine chilled. The Ravi Instant White Wine Chiller will INSTANTLY chill wine. With our unique chilling system, it will bring a room-temperature white wine to the perfect drinking temperature instantly ( 72ºF/22ºC to 45ºF/9ºC ) as you pour. No ice bucket, no more mess, no need to pre-chill, no over-chilling. Good for an entire bottle of white wine or for 60 minutes once removed from the freezer. With Ravi wine lovers are always ready to enjoy a glass without the wait!.

Ravi Instant White Wine Chiller

Requires no batteries and can be reused repeatedly for many years of enjoyment.

• Cleans easily and quickly

• Store it conveniently in the freezer so it will always be ready when you are

A corkscrew, a glass and a patch of sun for a picnic are all you need to enjoy a bottle of wine. But what a shame if the wine is lukewarm rather than cool!  The Ravi Instant Wine Chiller is the solution!  You can instantly chill wine with this innovative wine accessory.

This piece of advice, offered in the introduction to the Larousse Encyclopedia of Wine , points out the importance of drinking wine at the right temperature – which is why you need ravi, a Canadian invention that is practical and ingenious.

Unfortunately, red wines are usually served too warm. The alcohol tends to predominate, concealing the fruit of the wine. As a result, the wine loses its typicity and personality.

Ravi, which is intended mainly for red wine, enables you to go instantaneously from room temperature to that of a wine cellar, namely between 12 and 18 degrees Celsius (54 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit).

When you’re enjoying white wine or rosé wine, ravi can cool to perfection a wine that has been left at room temperature for a little too long.

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