Pulltex Deluxe Wine Essences Collection - 40 Piece Set


Learn wine aromas with this Deluxe 40 Piece Essences Set by Pulltex. Year after year it's one of the best selling wine education kits. Teach yourself how to recognize the wonderful makings of wine with this sommelier kit.

Be a pro at the next wine tasting party or tasting room by teaching yourself in advance the differences between white wine and red wine aromas.

Pulltex Deluxe Wine Essences Collection - 40 Piece Set

This set is composed of 40 aromas that are most easily identified in wines: 12 basic aromas for the white wine, 12 basic aromas for the red wine plus 16 complex aromas and defects that can be found in the wine.

The set contains 40 flasks with aromas and a booklet with information needed to learn how to detect certain aroma in the wine. This article is used for training of the olfative capacity to identify aromas during the wine tasting. It covers the complete range of aromas that are essential for a successful wine tasting.

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