Peugeot Variation Wine Decanter Aeration Set


Prior to maturity, a young red wine can be quickly awakened by aerating, forcing a maximum exposure to air. This hand-blown glass aerating set features a unique decanter base shape that allows it to stand upright, or rest tilted on its side enabling greater surface contact between the wine and the air, and allows further aeration if swirled before serving. The wine is poured over a hand-blown, fluted, solid-glass stopper. Fluting forces the wine along the sides of the decanter. Capacity is suitable for a standard 750ml bottle of wine.

Gift boxed.

The VARIATION decanter is ideal for oxygenating young red wines. Its intended stopper acts as an aerator while the shape of its base lends itself to being use in two position: upright or tilted. When tilted, the wine rotates easily in the decanter while the ridged base encourage the molecules to turn over.

The PEUGEOT Difference

Made in France since 1810, Peugeot has more than two centuries of manufacturing experience and know-how. Products are built with a focus on reliability, tradition and innovation.

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