Patent Ball Pourer Original

Out of Stock and Discontinued. Is there anything that this multi-talented wine stopper can't do? It ensures gentle and controlled pouring action, eliminates stray drips, functions as a cork and even aerates wine as it is poured to enhance subtle flavors.
Patent Ball Pourer Original (anti spill aerator) The secret is an exclusive design that features an integrated steel ball. The ball seals like a cork when it's at rest, yet helps to create a vortex inside the stopper as wine is poured. Rubber/metal/ plastic stopper provides a clean pour every time. Arrives in a handsome wood gift box. 3"L. Innovative and stylish, a joy to use for wine-lovers. The gentle and controlled pour creates effective aeration by mixing air with the wine through a reverse current of air. Made in Denmark. Great for pouring wine! Knock that bottle over and it won't spill...handy to have, and looks modern and elegant. Product Features -Non-Drip pourer -Aerator -Anti Spill device
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