Nuvo Vino Wine Thermometer

Unlock flavors and aromas by serving wine at its proper temperature.
Nuvo Vino Wine Thermometer Unlock flavors and aromas by serving wine at its proper temperature. Measure wine temperature from outside the bottle, warm or cool the bottle as necessary, then measure the wine in the glass to ensure proper serving temperature. All made easy with the patented SnapShot from Nuvo Vino. Serving wine at the right temperature is extremely important to release flavors and aromas to make the most of each bottle. This beautifully designed, extremely easy-to-use, infrared thermometer is instant and precisely accurate. Used by many top sommeliers and wine tasters. Reads temperature range of -27 to 230°F. Fahrenheit and Celsius. Battery and recommended wine serving temperature card included. • Measure the temperature of the wine itself for optimal precision • Retractable sensor stays clean and therefore accurate • One hand operation. From pocket to reading in about three seconds • Non-contact, so nothing touches (and potentially contaminates) your wine • Accurate to one-half of a degree • Sommelier Pocket Clip keeps your thermometer secure until you need it How to use: The distance from the thermometer to the surface will equal the diameter of the spot on the surface that is being measured. It is recommended to hold the thermometer 1 inch from the surface. This is the best way to measure temperature of wine. As opposed to measuring the surface of the bottle or glass, measuring the wine itself eliminates variables and guesswork. Be sure to hold thermometer one inch from wine surface and hold vertically. This assures that the glass does not interfere with measurement. And remember, it's an electronic device so don't get it wet! You can also measure the temperature of the bottle itself. This method is handy if you are sure that the wine bottle has been resting in an environment at constant temperature for a tleast six hours. Do not use this method if the bottle has been on ice because th outside of the bottle will be much cooler that the wine inside. Measure the outside of the glass. This technique works fairly well when used with fine crystal, and after the wine has been in the glass for a few minutes. The glass adds many variables so we still recommend meausring the wine itself. Features: An unprotected sensor is nothing more that a lint collector. Our patent pending retractable sensor keeps the sensor free of dust and lint to ensure accurate results. And with no lens cap to remove, it only takes one hand to operate. Instant Results As oppsed to mercury thermometers, infrared technology takes measurement in one second. The display will show the last temeprature taken for 15 seconds. See detailed product pictures below.
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