Monticello Magnum Decanter

This lovely crystal decatner can hold up to two bottles of wine. Decant wine with our pure, clean, crystal monticello magnum wine decanter.
Ravenscroft Crystal Monticello Magnum Decanter "Pure, Clean Crystal" The Monticello Magnum Crystal Decanter is similar to the crystal Monticello Single Decanter in all features except its size. The magnum wine decanter can hold up to two bottles of wine. Aerate your wine at once with one decanter. This lovely crystal decanter comes with crystal decanter stopper. It is ready to house your preferred wine or liquor. Ravenscroft Crystal Monticello Decanter looks like a little mountain as you can see in the wide base that ends at a peak at the top of the decanter. The name Monticello means little mountain in Italian. Thomas Jefferson gave this name to the rolling hills of his Estate in Charlottesville, VA. Experience the incredible luxury of Ravenscroft Crystal. Height: 13" Width: 5 1/2" Total Volue Fill Completely to Top: 68 oz. SHOWN FILLED WITH SINGLE 750 ml BOTTLE of WINE Be sure to check out our entire selection of Ravenscroft Crystal products.
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