Metrokane V-1 Decanter, World's First Vacuum Decanter

Each decanter is individually hand-blown of the finest lead-free crystalline quartz. Gift set includes vacuum stopper, pump and decanter
World's First Vacuum Decanter Each decanter is individually hand-blown of the finest lead-free crystalline quartz. When you are ready to preserve wine left in the decanter: (1) insert the Vacuum Stopper Assembly into the decanter; (2) Attach vacuum pump to the Stopper Assembly: (3) Remove air with the manual vacuum pump until you reach the “red zone” on the Vacuum Gauge. The Vacuum Stopper will hold the vacuum for days, and your wine will be preserved for the next serving. -Vacuum-preserves your wine right in the decanter -No need to funnel wine left in the decanter back into bottle -Hand-blown, lead-free Crystal Decanter -Easy-to-read gauge tell you when you have pumped the right vacuum -Includes Crystal Decanter (52 oz., 12.5" H); Vacuum Stopper Assembly; Vacuum Pump Stopper and pump have 5 year warranty. Important: Stopper Assembly is designed for use ONLY with crystal decanter provided. Other decanters are not designed for vacuum pressure. Why decant your wine? Some people try to aerate a wine by simply uncorking it an hour or so before serving But the amount of air exposed to the wine in this manner is far too small to have any influence. To aerate a wine effectively, you should “decant” it. This means pouring it into a decanter or carafe. As you pour, the wine picks up oxygen, which “opens up” or enhances both the flavor and aroma of most red wines. (White wines may also benefit from decanting although the effect is less pronounced.) After pouring, the wine is ready to serve. Wine experts agree: pouring a bottle of red wine into a decanter before serving aerates it and improves its character by allowing it to “breathe.” Until now, wine left in the decanter had to be funneled back into the bottle to prevent spoilage. Now, with the V-1 Vacuum Decanter, you can have the advantages of decanting red wine with no disadvantages. Because you can vacuum-preserve the wine right in the decanter.
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