Magnetic Wine Wand

Instantly enhance the flavors of wine and spirits with this magical wand. The Magnetic Wine Wand Quickly Smooths, Mellows, And Enhances The Flavors Of Wines And Spirits. This amazing product is perfect for beverage enhancing in every setting and environment. Your Magnetic Wine Wand can be used for other beverage too. Some have experienced big changes with teas, coffees, and other beverages. It can also be used for liquors such as Scotch or Bourbon, but it requires a little more time to do its magic.
Simply open a bottle of wine, pour out an once or two to taste, then drop in your Wand. Give your Wand a few minutes to do its magic and enjoy. Taste the amazing difference between the untreated sample and the enhanced wine you now have. With more time, it just gets better! Low cost wines will taste like a much more expensive wine, while an expensive red wine is also improved and can be consumed without the long breathing period that is often required. Made in USA. It has been known for many years that a magnetic flux field improves the taste of beverages. The first patent was issued in 1900, where magnets were incorporated into a drinking mug to improve the flavor and remove piquant flavors in fermented beverages. Since then, many simple to very elaborate devices have been developed that subject the outside of the bottle or barrel to magnetic flux fields. Now there is a simple, effective, and low cost device that can be inserted directly into a beverage bottle. The availability of small, but very strong neodymium magnets has now made this a possibility. Neodymium magnets are at least 10x stronger than ceramic magnets. Each wand has a cumulative holding force of 25 lbs, so keep them away from credit cards or any magnetic data strips and don’t hold them close to your pacemaker. They don’t loose their magnetism for many years and can withstand temperatures up to 176 degrees. Each magnet is triple coated with nickel, copper, and nickel again before being sealed within our wand. The only precaution is, “Do not burn this device”, but who would want too!
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