Introduction to Wine Appreciation Kit For Red Wines

Now you can evaluate your favorite wines like a professional from the comfort of your own home! This accessible and fun step-by-step kit created under the direction of professional Australian wine taster and judge, Philip Rich, will train your eye, nose and palate, increasing your pleasure, knowledge and enjoyment of the fine art of drinking wine. Our kits introduce you to ten typical wine aromas commonly found in Red and White wines, training your nose to recognize these essential components time and again. Includes a Wine Appreciation Manual with information on: hosting a tasting event, wine buying tips, wine color references, understanding your nose, wine faults, wine varieties, understanding your palate, evaluating flavor and so much more. Contains: 10 Red Wine Aroma Profiles: Strawberry, Raspberry, Plum, Dark Cherry, Blackcurrant, Black Pepper, Capsicum, Undergrowth, American Oak, French Oak; Professional Wine Appreciation Manual; Wine Assessment Record Book; WineNose Aroma Evaluation Strips.

Introduction to Wine Appreciation Kit For Red Wines

Each wine tasting learning kit contains 10 aroma profiles in glass bottles, professional wine appreciation manual (with step by step intro), assessment book and Wine Nose" evaluation strips. Learn the bouquet of your favorite wines. This is a perfect wine gift for the wine lover who frequents the wine country.

Learn how to identify the bouquet of red wines with this knowledgeable kit. No more struggling to find the right words to describe the white wines tasted!

Each kit contains 10 aromas, tasting cards, test strips, and informative booklet about grape varieties and tasting techniques.

White Wine Appreciation Kit purchased separately. 

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