Handmade Italian Leather Wine Log


Fresh off the boat from Italy! Save wine labels and write wine notes in our Handmade Leather Wine Log. This handsome wine journal can be personalized.  The lined pages are bound to a luxurious leather journal with quad-band raised spine. 

This is a very special gift! When your reciptent opens their gift they will be able to admire the smell of leather and quality paper used for the pages. It includes a page marker to keep your place. This book has been stitiched, glued, folded, pressed and otherwise entirely assemebled by hand in the timeless city of Florence, Italy. 

The is Libro dei Vini - Book of Wines. 

Leather Wine Log

  • Wine Label Book Made of Italian Leather from Italy
  • Exclusive printed Leather Wine Journal with English and Italian translations
  • Unique 7x10 size for easy wine cellar stowage or travel
  • 19 queries accurately catalog each bottle
  • Attractive grape vine imagery on page corners
  • 24lb acid-free archival writing stock
  • Thick bookbinding boards
  • Delicate green page marker
  • Classy green fly leaves
  • Signature distressed solid leather construction
  • Subtle inconsistent color marbling and scarring with handcrafted abrasions
  • Reinforced signature raised spine in four places for a timeless look
  • Hand pressed panels for easy opening and closing
  • Imported from and made in Italy.
  • Personalized Wine Journal Option

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Fully Customizable

- Includes 19 fields to discuss each bottle including: bouquet, tasting date, best served with, name of wine, denomination of origin, vintage, area of production, how to serve, rating, price, a section for notes, and more

- Customize with a name or a title (i.e. Wine Dossier)

- Ample room for nearly 100 bottles of wine

- Purchase wine label removers separately for your wine journal

- Front page dedication or place for your name

- Perfect for any and all writing mediums PERSONALIZE Enter your inscription as you would like it to appear on your journal.

Choose from the following Leather Wine Journal Options:

-Script or Goudy Block

Font -Gold, silver, black, copper, blind (no color), burgundy or ivory letters

-Position: 1.) Top, Center, 2.) Absolute Center, 3.) 1/3 From Top, Centered, 4.) Bottom Center, 5.) Bottom Right, 6.) 1/3 From Bottom Centered Leather wine log personalized embossing

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