H Potter Freestanding Wardian Case Terrarium

Metal terrarium with charcoal brown powder coated finish perfect size for any location. Glass slides into walls and roof of the house. Unit comes in 3 pieces: table with plastic liner, house section and roof section. Assembly requires sliding the glass into place and stacking the sections. Not only a great design, but also excellent quality and great value.
H Potter Freestanding Wardian Case Terrarium Shop from a quality selection of plant terrariums. This terrarium can be filled with small plants. It is decorative as well as a unique way to display your miniature plants inside your home. The terrarium creates a climate of its own once plants are established in this mini indoor garden. Plant terrariums transpire moisture through their leaves. This moisture then condenses on the glass, and flows back to the soil. The benefit of this affect, allows the terrarium to go for weeks without the need to water. Hint: Terrariums should never be grown in FULL sun! The H. Potter Freestanding Wardian Case Terrarium offers a charcoal brown powder-coated finished frame. It is a beautiful glass windowed Wardian Case that offers a protective showcase for your indoor plants. Features: • Hand-made • Made from stainless steel and glass • Charcoal brown powder-coated frame • Long-lasting, multiple uses • Dimensions: 12 Inches Square x 58 Inches High • 1-year manufacturers warranty
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