Flamingo Metal Wine Bottle Stopper


What’s a better alternative to jamming a cork back into a wine bottle? Use one of our Bottle Stoppers, made from steel and featuring a rubber gasket that ensures an airtight fit. The Flamingo Figurine Metal Wine Bottle Stopper will be a big hit with all tropical bird lovers. With detailing that includes a long neck and legs, downward-curving bill, webbed feet, and prominent feathersin  a pinkish tone this flamingo will ensure your favorite wines retain their grace.

Add some tropical personality to your wine drinking experience with this adorable flamingo bottle stopper, which also features a unique spring motion design that provides a distinctive sense of movement. Preserve your favorite wines with this elegant flamingo guarding the grape!

Wine Bottle Stopper Dimensions in inches: 7 Tall x 3 Wide x 3 Deep

Hand-wrought Steel Construction

Unique Spring Motion Design Fits Any Standard Wine Bottle

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