Etched Glass Peacock Feather Tulip Wine Glasses (set of 4)

Bring a look of chic and playful elegance to your tabletop with these unique etched peacock tulip wine glasses. Made from high quality glass and decorated with a frosted wraparound peacock feather design, these beautiful glasses will stand out in any dining or bar setting. Perfect for a holiday gathering or gift.

Etched Glass Peacock Feather Tulip Glasses (set of 4)

These delightful etched peacock glasses will bring a touch of beauty to your tabletop decor. Adorned with a frosted peacock feather, this striking glassware set is sure to make an impression.

Glass capacity: 12 ounces

Set of 4 Designer Peacock Feather Stemmed Wine Glasses.

Interesting fact: Did you know that the multi-colored stunning peacock tail feathers that we all enjoy are only on the male bird of this species?

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