ELECTROPULL Focus Uncorking Machine with Stand

This professional wine opener was originally designed for use in a winery by a winemaker. Its the perfect machine for high volume removal of corks. It removes corks so quickly and effortlessly. Compact, initially designed to be wall-mounted, but now with aluminum table stand, making it portable. Partial cork extraction regulator allows you to leave part of the cork in the bottle neck to be removed manually later. Extracts even the most resistant corks whether natural, composite, or synthetic. All components are self-contained within the unit.
ELECTROPULL Focus Uncorking Machine OUTSTANDING INNOVATION This is a reduced sized version of the 4010 Professional ELECTROPULL (discontinued). This machine operates with one motor only. Some electrical elements have been placed in a compartment at the rear of the stand behind the upright post. The stand is an integral part of the ELECTROPULL Focus. It has a unique 2.7 mm open spiral, hardened stainless steel worm. This worm has no difficulty with hard agglomerate or plastic corks. Machine will shut down if hard object (other than wine bottle) is placed in cradle, safety micro switch if metal top bottle placed into cradle. Re-start in 30 seconds. Entire unit stands 35-3/4 inches tall X 4 inches wide. Machine itself: 20-3/4 inches H, 3-1/2 inches wide, 4 inches deep. Weighted base measures 9 inches X 9 inches. T One winery-packaging specialist in California comments, “In just two months, we uncorked over 50,000 bottles using the ElectroPull® and its performance was flawless. We also used it in our lab when performing microanalysis and opened bottles with all types of corks. Not only is the ElectroPull fast and efficient, but I believe it will reduce injuries associated with uncorking motions. It definitely has a place in any wine bottling department.” Great for: - Wine bottling lines - Winery laboratories - Hotels - Restaurants - Tasting rooms When quantity uncorking is needed, Electropull® will: 1. Reduce manpower needed to do the job. 2. Reduce chances of workman's comp injuries resulting from repetitive uncorking with other devices.
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