Don't Break the Bottle - Wine Press Edition

The best host gift ever! Put a bottle of wine in this puzzle and give it as a gift. They will have to break the puzzle in order to drink the wine. Wine Games are fun.
Don't Break the Bottle (Press) - Brain Teaser NEW A wine bottle puzzle designed to frustrate your host! The next time you're invited to a friend's dinner party, why not take along your bottle of wine locked up in this fantastic puzzle? An excellent ice-breaker! Fits opened or sealed standard liquor, liqueur, high neck beer and champagne bottles (1.5" wide at the neck, 3.25" at the base and 13.25" in height maximum). Sorry, bottle not included. Includes 6 wooden puzzle pieces, 1 metal lock and key and instructions. Objective: Solve the puzzle to free the bottle. Difficulty Level: Medium
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