Crystal Tasting Decanter

Crystal Tasting Wine Decanter
Crystal Tasting Wine Decanter Hand Blown Crystal Wine Decanter. Glass Decanter Stopper Can Be Used As A Tasting Wine Glass. Lead Free Comes In A Beautiful Black Gift Tube Made In Italy Wine Decanter Decanting involves pouring the wine out of the bottle into another container. The purpose of this is to separate the wine from the sediment which has collected at the bottom of the bottle. This lets the wine breathe in order to enhance its flavor. When you are about to drink red wine, you should let it breath since air brings out its aroma. Letting the wine breathe also allows any bad chemical compounds to evaporate. The general rules are that: Vigorous, young, red Bordeaux, Cabrnets, Barolo and Barbaresco should be decanted at least one hour before drinking. Young, red Burgundy and Pinot Noirs should be decanted just before serving. White wines do not need to be decanted. Just letting a bottle breathe by opening it and setting on table is ineffective. The bottle's neck is too narrow to let much oxygen reach the wine. Our decanter's wide base and narrow neck opening ensure that the wine has just the right amount of space to breathe, without losing its concentrated aromas.
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