Crush! The Dice Game

This dice game's object of play is: Each player takes turns rolling six dice. A Wine Bottle or a Bunch of Grapes, three of a kind, three
In Crush, players take turns rolling special "vino" dice to try to score points. Each round a player must weigh the risk between banking their points or rolling again for even more points. It's vintage fun for everyone! # of Players: 2+ Ages: 18+ The wooden barrel holds a standard bottle of wine. It is a great gift idea for any connoisseur! OBJECT OF PLAY: Each player takes turns rolling six dice. A Wine Bottle or a Bunch of Grapes, three of a kind, three pairs, or a six-dice straight earn points. You must select at least one scoring die after each roll. You can then pass and bank your points, or risk the points earned this turn and roll the remaining dice. Scoring is based on selected dice in each roll. You cannot earn points by combining dice from dierent rolls. If none of your dice earn points, you get Crushed! You continue rolling until you either pass and bank your points or get Crushed. The next player then rolls six dice. When a player reaches 5,000 or more points, each player has one last turn to try to beat the high score. GAME CONTENTS: 6 Dice 1 Cheese Please Die 1 Dice Shaker PLAYING THE GAME: 1. Each player rolls one of the 6 dice. The player with the highest roll goes rst. 2. Players in turn roll six dice. 3. If a player only throws 1 scoring die (a Bunch of Grapes or a Wine Bottle), that‰Ûªs enough to keep the roll going. The single scoring die is set aside and all remaining dice are used for the player's next roll. 4. Play continues until the player decides the risk is too high to roll again or gets Crushed and loses the roll as well as all points scored during the roll. 5. The dice are passed to the next player, clockwise. 6. Crushed = throwing the dice and coming up with no points. SCORING THE ROUND: Scoring is based on selected dice for each roll. You cannot earn points by combining dice from dierent rolls. For example, if you roll a Grape Bunch (50 points), and then roll two Grape Bunches (100 points), you can't combine them to form three of a kind (500 points). The Wine Bottle and Grape Bunch dice are special, as they are the only dice that can be scored outside of a combination (such as three of a kind). SCORING TABLE: The first player to end his turn having scored 5,000 points or more signals the nal round. Each player will have one last turn to determine the nal winning score. 7. If you are Crushed on the first roll, you can choose to take a risk and roll the Cheese Please Die. Odds are against it, but if you roll a Cheese you get to re-roll the 6 dice (a ‰ÛÏdo-over‰Û). If you roll a Baguette, you lose 500 points and the dice are passed to the next player. If you have not scored any points, you then show negative points on your score total. 8. Players cannot combine scores from different throws to make a larger score. For example, if a Bunch of Grapes is rolled in the first throw and set aside as a score of 50 points and in a second roll 2 more Grape Bunches turn up, the player can't call this 3 of a kind and score 500. Instead, the player can set aside the 2 Grape Bunches for a total of 100 points added to the previous 50 points to total 150 points. Triples and straights must be rolled in one throw (see example below). 9. If you have scored with 5 dice in any number of rolls and only 1 die remains to be rolled, you can call a Double Down as an option for play. In Double Down, the player chooses to roll the Cheese Please Die in an attempt to roll a Cheese and double the score for the round. If a Baguette comes up instead, you lose your entire score for the round. 10. Players are allowed to re-roll any scoring dice as long as they set aside at lease 1 scoring die each roll. 11. After each roll of the dice, you have two choices: either stop rolling and take the accumulated points as a nal score for that round, or continue to roll and risk all of the accumulated points for that round. 12. If you score points with all of the 6 dice in any number of rolls, you may end the turn and bank those points or pick up all 6 dice and continue rolling for additional points. First Roll's Scoring Die = 50 pts Second Roll's Scoring Die = 100 pts. OR player may opt to keep only 1 Grape Bunch = 50 pts.
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