Cork Jester's Wine Teasers

Teams of players answer wine trivia questions, discuss topics, loot virtual wines from each other, and more.
Cork Jester's Wine Teasers Wine Game Wine Teasers is a fun, lighthearted activity for people who enjoy wine! Teams of players answer questions, discuss topics, loot virtual wines from each other, and more. Wine Teasers is perfect for wine-tastings, informal get-togethers, staff training, and even personal reference for learning or when shopping for wines. Wine Teasers comes with 100 questions, each with its own hint and discussion paragraph; 30 wine bottle cards with labels, description, and food pairings for real wines available throughout the U.S; quick-start rules card and full rules sheet; pronunciation guide; and 4 hint credits. Difficult to easy. DOES NOT INCLUDE WINE. Cheers! Maximum bottle diameter 3.5" The rules, in a nutshell 1. Teams take turns reading questions to each other. 2. If you can't answer the question on the first try, you get a hint. 3. If you answer without using the hint, you advance a little faster than if you had needed the hint. 4. Once a question is answered correctly, you get to follow the Cellar Step (each question has its own cellar step). 5. The Cellar Step lets you select a wine Bottle Card for your team's wine cellar. Watch out for those Cellar Steps that let you loot or exchange with the other team! 6. The first team to collect 6 Bottle Cards (one in each of 6 categories), wins the game!
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