Cooperage Wine Barrel Top Lazy Susan


This lazy susan serving tray is created from a reclaimed wine barrel head. Authentic barrel head has an real cooperage stamp from the barrel making factory. Each Cooperage stamp is unique, it is a branding peocess burnt into the barrel head to show where it was made. 

This Vintage French wine barrel head is transformed into a truly one of a kind lazy susan server.

Handmade in the USA!

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Each lazy susan barrel head is hand-crafted from retired French and American oak barrels. 

Please Note: Due to the unique nature of materials used in our designs, every piece will reflect its own personality. Variations can occur in color, texture, grain and final finished appearance. All measurements and weights are approximates. Since each barrel piece has its own characteristics, each piece is truly unique. These charming variations add to the originality and authenticity and should not be considered a defect or flaw.

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