Cocktail Smarts

What's in a Cosmo? What about a Gimlet or a White Lady? CocktailSmarts has the answers, diving into different alcohols, history, lingo, and other intoxicating facts so you can feel as much like a pro in front of the bar as the guy or gal behind the bar. Play CocktailSmarts, enjoy the festive coasters enclosed, and add a twist to your next cocktail party.
Cocktail Smarts Each separately sold CocktailSmarts contains: 60 CocktailSmarts question and answer cards. True-false and multiple choice questions to get the party started 12 coasters. Each coaster contains an intoxicating drink recipe 16-page CocktailTips. Companion guide Scorepad This fun game covers the following categories: In My Glass - characteristics of some of the most popular drinks you're likely to encounter at any social outing Trade Tools - highlights the critical bar tools and equipment required for specific drinks Lingo - defines useful cocktail terminology Wild Card - includes history, trivia and other choice bits of information
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