Chrome Plated Champagne Bottle Opener


Using a Champagne Opener lets you gently turn the bottle instead of the cork. With this added control, you can ease the cork out to save the precious bubbles in the wine.This chrome opener is sleek, modern, and safe. Protect your bubbly AND your eyes!

Chrome Plated Champagne Opener Instructions:

  • 1. Find the small wire eyelet under the foil and raise it up. You may remove the foil cover, if you wish. But do not remove the wire muzzle.
  • 2. Squeeze the teeth of the handles firmly into the cork. Keep a firm grip on the cork during Step #3.
  • 3. Hold the bottle at a 45 degree angle. Preferably, rest the bottom of the bottle on a flat surface.
  • 4. Wiggle the wire eyelet back and forth about 7 or 8 times. This type of wire is purposely made brittle, so it will break.
  • 5. Grip the bottle around the shoulder (below the neck) with your free hand. While holding the Champagne Opener steady twist only the bottle back and forth. Once the twisting starts the cork will come up and out assisted by the pressure from within the bottle.

Et voila! Celebrate a smoothly opened bottle with a toast. 

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