Plush Moose Slipper Coasters (set of 4)


Holiday themed coasters that slide on the foot of a stemmed glass. Includes set of 4 Mooseshoe coasters.

Chocolate Moose Stemware Coasters Drinkwear.... for the foot of your glass! Set of four Stemware Coasters with nifty straps keep them firmly attached to the bottom of your glass while you wander and mingle. Slip a wearable coaster onto the foot of your glass, it will stay with you as you mingle, protect your tabletop and identify your glass...with style. You can use them for wine, martini, Pilsner, hot chocolate, coffee and margarita glasses. Great selections for a beach theme or holiday party. Designed and created by artist Carrie Olsen Garrard. Plush slippers....for the 'foot' of your glass. Coasters are designed to fit most any stemmed glass....perfect for your Holiday table! From cranberry punch to creative cocktails distinguish your glass with wonderful whimsical style! Set of 4 includes Chocolate Mooseshoe with fashionable scarves.

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