Charmbiance Wine Time, 16oz Candle


Wine aficionados unite! Celebrate your love of the grape with this unique collectible Wine Time candle, which features a pink hand-painted jar that depicts everything wine!

Adding to the fun is the Charmbiance trademark handle that features grapes and wine-inspired charms. The candle is sented with the Sangria Bordeaux fragrance, blending notes of sweet red wine with tangy summer fruits and citrus, providing a delectable scent, lit or unlit. We’ve fused essential oils and additive-free superior scented oils to create the pleasingly strong aroma. And, all Charmbiance candles are poured with nature’s finest soy wax and pure paraffin blend, using eco-friendly wicks.

There’s no need to tame your wine obsession; facilitate it with this exceptional candle. Its sweet, fruity fragrance captures the scent of summer, whether you buy it as a gift or treat yourself. Best of all, you won’t risk a hangover, even if you burn it for hours!

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