Champagne Pump and Sealer


Keep leftover Champagne fresh and flavorful with this Pump and Sealer! The pump and resealer create a vaccum in the bottle that slows down the oxidation process, extending the life of your champagne. After placing the stopper on the bottle of sparkling wine and snapping the swing-down arms in place, begin to pump the top button up and down. The will keep your champagne bubbly for longer. The plastic sealer comes with a date feature on the top so you can be sure of the day you sealed the bottle. This pump and sealer is a champagne (and a life) saver! 

Champagne Plastic Pump and Re-Sealer: 

If you don't finish your wine, save it for another time!


  • Champagne and sparkling wine stay bubbly for days after opening 
  • Pump slows oxidation and extends the life of your beverage 
  • Date Marker on the top to mark when you sealed the bottle
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