California Wine Wafer Lemon-Vanilla

California Wine Wafer Lemon-Vanilla-Almond includes 8 luxury wafers.
California Wine Wafer Lemon-Vanilla Today there are only handful bakers who still use traditional recipes and techniques we adhere to in creating this scrumptious treat. Each crisp, light wafer is lovingly hand made then baked, aged twelve days, carefully filled with all natural filling and baked once again. We employ traditional hands on baking methods as opposed to mass production therefore the color and appearance of the individual wafers may vary. Approximately 120 calories and about 2 grams of fat. Made with wheat flour, canola oil, milk powder, egg yolk, salt, potato starch, cane sugar, unsalted butter, roasted California almonds, vanilla and natural lemon flavor. Each Box includes 8 luxury wafers.
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