Built Duffel, New!

Built Duffel
Built Duffel The Duffel is the latest addition to our OverBuilt line. Made with the same Strong-Rib abrasion resistant fabric, fleece lining, and ultra thick Neoprene core. These sexy vessels were designed to shoulder the burden of your everyday life—be it textbooks, bushels of clams or the basics for the beach. Other niceties include our funky new custom hardware which attach a shoulder strap through a unique loop sewn right into the bag itself, this in combination with the elastic nature of neoprene make the whole bag act as a suspension system between you and your load. If you can’t fit your stuff in this one, you simply have too much stuff. INSULATES AND PROTECTS WATER RESISTANT SOFT GRIP HANDLES AND HEAVY DUTY ZIPPER NEOPRENE CONSTRUCTION AND STRAP WORK TOGETHER AS SHOCK ABSORBER MADE OF EXTRA THICK STRETCHY 6 MM WETSUIT GRADE NEOPRENE H 15.5" X W22.5" X D 11" (39CM X 57CM X 28CM)
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Material Neoprene
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