Brooklyn Brew Shop Chestnut Brown Ale Beer Making Kit


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Brooklyn Brew Shop At Home Beer making kit is built on the principles that making beer, real beer, from real ingredients can be simple, tasty and more importantly, fun! Brooklyn Brew Shop has created stylish brewing kits designed especially for stove-top brewing and ingredient mixes for seasonally-inspired beers.

Northern style Brown ales are known for their rich and nutty flavors, and our Chestnut Brown Ale is no exception. We enhance the nuttiness by adding freshly roasted chestnuts to the boil, resulting in a sweet, mellow flavor that is just a tad malty and very satisfying.

Chestnut Brown Ale

6% ABV Nutty, Medium-Bodied, Northern English Style Brown Ale.

MIx contains: Malted Barley Blend, Hops and Yeast. Note:The addition of chestnuts is optional, but nice. And not included.

Kit includes all of the equipment you need to get started.

These kitchen-friendly kits come with all of the equipment, grain, hops and yeast you need to make beer using exactly the same techniques as the best craft breweries.

All of the equipment is reusable, so let us know when you are ready to brew your next batch! 

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