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  1. A Toast to the Groomsmen: Unique Gifts for Your Best Men & Beyond

    Weddings. If you’ve been in one, you’ve been in a million. And while it’s nice receiving a nice gift from the groom for all your hours of commitment, there’s no denying the fact that the well of groomsmen gift ideas has been dried up for decades. Don’t you want to show true appreciation? Stay away from the obvious presents, and opt for a super special, unique take on this timeless tradition. Check out interesting personalized boxes, humidors, holders and other groomsmen cigar gifts. Continue reading

  2. Wine Cooler Cabinet Furniture: A Chill Addition to Your Home Bar Setup

    Having a dedicated wine fridge is a true luxury if you’re a serious oenophile. It’s such a great feeling being able to pop open a crisp, cooled bottle of white or red whenever the craving comes. Still, clunky mini fridges can be unsightly in a formal dining room, living room, or gourmet kitchen. If you want to keep your wine...
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  3. We’ve Found Rustic Chic in an Unexpected Space: Whiskey Barrel Furniture

    Have you ever visited a craft brewery, distillery, winery, or some other place where spirits are brought to life? No matter your drink of choice, there’s no denying the warm, inviting charm of the barrels used to masterfully create the world’s best liquors. Contemporary tasting rooms have embraced their rustic appeal, converting old barrels into makeshift cocktail tables and other furnishings. So, for those of us who love all things whiskey, why not do the same?

    Thanks to some clever artisans, you can now decorate your space with unique whiskey barrel furniture. Check out these ideas for bringing home an inspired piece of oak barrel décor.

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  4. Personalized Wine Barrel Wall Art for the Vino Enthusiast

    Typical winemaking accessories truly make for amazing art. Using reclaimed barrel heads, staves, corks and other parts, premier artisans have come up with some seriously unique treasures. From customized quarter barrel bar signs to interesting wine barrel clocks, plaques and more, there’s a plethora of options ripe for the picking.

    Here are some interesting home decorating ideas incorporating personalized wine cellar signs. Continue reading

  5. Wine Candles for the Happy Wine-Loving Homemaker

    What happens to the bottle after a special wine is long gone? Some of us save them for a few years before having to toss them for lack of space. Others never even think to commemorate a special occasion by breathing new life into an old wine bottle. In fact, there are so many ways you can transform your vessel into a unique candle ready to display and admire in your contemporary home. Here’s how wine candle accessories let you hang on to the bottle you so thoroughly enjoyed drinking.



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  6. Unique Gifts for Wine Lovers on Their Birthdays

    The great thing about wine is that there are endless related accessories and décor. Wine lovers are among the easiest people to shop for, making birthdays a super special time of year. If you’re starting to shop for that vino-drinking guy or gal, consider the following unique gift ideas. From Italian marble coasters and wine bottle holders to premier wine luggage, candle accessories and wine aerators, there’s a one-of-a-kind present just waiting to be wrapped. Continue reading

  7. How to Store Large Magnum Wine Bottles: The Solution is Simpler Than You Think

    Depending on your desired vintner, variety and volume, storing large numbers of wine at home can be a tricky task. Many storage racks and jails are specifically designed for the standard 750ml bottle. But in the real world of wine lovers, our cherished bottles come in all shapes, sizes and quantities.

    If you find yourself purchasing magnum sized 1.5L bottles, worry not. We’ve got plenty of solutions for showcasing your amazing collection in a chic, efficient manner with the help of quality modular wine rack systems. Continue reading

  8. Personalized Champagne Glasses are the Toast of the Town

    Champagne may seem like a distant cousin to our beloved wine. But when someone pops a good bottle of bubbly, there’s a special sense of sophistication in the air. When you hear those glasses clink at the strike of twelve on New Years, at a birthday dinner, anniversary celebration, or after a big job promotion, you can’t help but feel...
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  9. Wine Bags and Bottle Carriers Let You Tote Your Vino in Style

    Both foodies and wine enthusiasts know there’s nothing better than a night out at a BYOB restaurant. Not only do you save money, but it’s great having access to your favorite bottle of wine anytime, anywhere. That’s why it’s important to always have a quality wine bottle carrier on hand. Whether you’re stopping my a friend’s house, touring your local winery, or heading out for dinner and cocktails, you’ll want to keep your beverages safe, cold, and comfortably nestled by your side. Here are some ideas for staying prepared with wine bottle luggage and carriers. Continue reading

  10. Need a Smart Home Accessory? Wine Racks are Stylish and Absolutely Essential

    Having proper storage is important to the serious wine buyer. When you invest lots of time, money, and energy into growing your collection, there’s nothing worse than losing an expensive bottle because it wasn’t stored properly. Wine racks are a solution to this age-old problem and also offer instant convenience for displaying your collection like the decorative art that it is. Here are some ways you can correctly store your wine at home using wine racks.

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