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  1. Wine Luggage for Airplane Travel

    Okay, you are a devoted vinophile thwarted at every turn by air travel. Securing just a couple of bottles in your check-in luggage is an iffy undertaking that will eventually leave you asking yourself what goes best with my wine soaked socks, red or white? The NEW VinGarde Valise 02 will get your bottles to your final destination as packed

    VinGarde Valise 02 - Wine Bag Air Travel

    app_images-resizable-9cd914a0-09a6-4cea-b933-d94755953174-wine+travel+(4)The VinGarde Valise 02 is airport luggage for your valuable vino. Designed in the vein of high tech equipment baggage these sharp looking wine carriers have a virtually indestructible outer shell; at the same time customizable foam molds protectively cradle each bottle on the inside. Best of all, this securely locking carrier holds a case of 750 ml bottles and still weighs-in under 50 lbs. Continue reading

  2. Govino Introduces New Dishwasher-Safe Line of Popular Glassware

    Govino, a leading glassware company, is pleased to announce that dishwasher safe versions of their sought-after glassware collection will soon hit shelves in response to customer demand.
  3. Discover the Joys of Wine Journaling

    Wine journaling is a long-standing tradition among enthusiasts and newcomers alike. It is a fun and permanent way to record your experiences with a particular wine.
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  4. Wine Decanters That Attach To The Bottle

    Wine Vine Imports have a selection of wine decanters with a timeless design. These classic imports help connoisseurs and those new to wine appreciation fully develop the potential of a wine while providing an experience for the senses and elegant wine presentation.
  5. Enjoy a Legendary Cocktail with a One of a Kind Moscow Mule Mug

    The Moscow Mule was not the first vodka cocktail -- that honor goes to the Blue Monday -- but the Moscow Mule has become the de facto vodka cocktail for many a cocktail enthusiast. The ease with which a Moscow Mule can be created (simply mix 5 ounces of ginger beer, two ounces of vodka and a splash of lime juice) is exceeded only by...
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  6. The Picnic Wine Basket Saves the Day!

    I had just come back from an extended business trip and was jet lagged. I received a text from my sister early in the morning that read, “meet at the park at 1, don’t be late!” For a few brief wondrous moments I had completely forgotten what she was talking about. As I walked to pour myself a cup of coffee, it hit me - today was Mother’s Day!

    Wine Picnic Baskets Make Great Mother's Day Gifts

    wine-gifts-pioneer-wine-and-cheese-picnic-basket--picnic-time-pt934676916-21  wine-gifts-highlander-wine-picnic-basket-picnic-time-pt930255401-21  wine-gifts-heart-picnic-basket-picnic-time-pt932935190-22

    Being the good son that I am, I had completely forgotten to buy my mother a gift. In an agitated sprint I slipped on my clothes and stopped by the deli store on the way to the park. Crowded lines of patrons in situations similar to mine waited to buy flowers, bottles of wine, and other assorted goods for the special day.

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  7. Why People Love Stemless Wine Glasses

    Stemless glasses and decanter are slowly taking over the market, so with their popularity on the rise it should be no shock that many wonder how why they've become a staple in the wine community. Although stemmed wine glasses are still a favorite for wine tasting, here's a few reasons as to why stemless wine glasses are becoming the new normal for wine enthusiasts.





    Why Stemless Wine Glasses are becoming a Hot Commodity in the Wine Market

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  8. A Barrel Clock at the Center of Green Decorating

    You can make an environmental statement with your car, your diet and your voice. Do you make a statement with your style? What do your decorating choices say about your relationship with the planet?

    Decorating with a Barrel Head Clock

    wine-gifts-personalized-wine-barrel-head-clock-thousand-oaks-barrel-co.-98bhc1-12Reducing waste is a core value of environmental responsibility. It is also a valuable tool for the designer. Rather than searching through the newest materials, trends and creations, find new purpose in what is old. Take existing matter and re-imagine it.

    Nothing has more depth of character than reclaimed wood. Lumber rescued from old barns, fences, boats and more bring history and beauty to a room. Retired wine barrels add heritage to any kitchen, restaurant, tasting room or den. To a lover of wine, their inclusion brings the decor full circle.

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  9. Plan Your Wet Bar Area with These Three Tips

    Chances are, if you’ve considered reformatting your living area, you’ve considered implementing a wine bar. When outfitting your special space, considering wine and bar furniture cabinets grants enhanced flexibility and design opportunities.

    A wet bar area is an excellent addition to any library, living room or basement area. However, before installing the perfect selection, take a look at the following considerations. Everyone wants a wine bar area—but not everyone considers the process of making one.


    Wine and Bar Cabinet Decorating Ideas for Home

    Interior Howard Miller bars can be eloquent, functional and exciting, and it’s time to consider the necessities behind your home’s new addition.

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  10. Do White Wines and Champagnes Get Better with Age?

    When it comes to pop culture clichés, few are used more frequently than comparing something to fine wine, stating that it gets "better with age".  In the world of white wine, however, this is actually a myth. The vast majority of white wines do not get better with age.

    03A45596White Wine and the Aging Process

    Typically, only the very best wines improve with aging, meaning that most wines are available to be consumed immediately. In fact, some suggest that only one percent of wine is meant for aging. While red wines are usually the best candidates for improving with age, there are various whites and champagnes that will improve with age as well. However, even the whites that do improve over time will not last as long as reds. Generally speaking, five to seven years is a decent estimate for aging an average white wine, though some whites can age for around a decade.

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