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Wine Candles for the Happy Wine-Loving Homemaker

What happens to the bottle after a special wine is long gone? Some of us save them for a few years before having to toss them for lack of space. Others never even think to commemorate a special occasion by breathing new life into an old wine bottle. In fact, there are so many ways you can transform your vessel into a unique candle ready to display and admire in your contemporary home. Here’s how wine candle accessories let you hang on to the bottle you so thoroughly enjoyed drinking.



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Unique Gifts for Wine Lovers on Their Birthdays

The great thing about wine is that there are endless related accessories and décor. Wine lovers are among the easiest people to shop for, making birthdays a super special time of year. If you’re starting to shop for that vino-drinking guy or gal, consider the following unique gift ideas. From Italian marble coasters and wine bottle holders to premier wine luggage, candle accessories and wine aerators, there’s a one-of-a-kind present just waiting to be wrapped. Read more »

How to Store Large Magnum Wine Bottles: The Solution is Simpler Than You Think

Depending on your desired vintner, variety and volume, storing large numbers of wine at home can be a tricky task. Many storage racks and jails are specifically designed for the standard 750ml bottle. But in the real world of wine lovers, our cherished bottles come in all shapes, sizes and quantities.

If you find yourself purchasing magnum sized 1.5L bottles, worry not. We’ve got plenty of solutions for showcasing your amazing collection in a chic, efficient manner with the help of quality modular wine rack systems. Read more »

Personalized Champagne Glasses are the Toast of the Town

Champagne may seem like a distant cousin to our beloved wine. But when someone pops a good bottle of bubbly, there’s a special sense of sophistication in the air. When you hear those glasses clink at the strike of twelve on New Years, at a birthday dinner, anniversary celebration, or after a big job promotion, you can’t help but feel special. So, when you’re completing your home bar setup, remember to pick up a nice set of quality champagne flutes to make the occasion that much more memorable. There are even custom versions you can personalize with a name, date, symbol, and more. Here are some nifty ideas for celebrating in style with top quality champagne glasses.



Are there any contemporary style champagne glasses?

We all know the stunningly simple look of a set of flutes. Their narrow, tubular construction makes the perfect vessel for the serving of a good bubbly. But what if your bar has a more modern feel? Today, you’ll find plenty of avant-garde options to impress family, friends, and guests. For instance, a set of tall champagne flutes puts an unexpected spin on your typical glasses. Double the size and volume, these pretty pieces are easy to grip and hand blown so no two are alike. In addition, premium craftsmen offer cool cone shaped champagne glasses made from recycled materials. They make an environmentally friendly supplement to your typical toasting set.



What are my options for personalized champagne glasses?

If customization is your desire, the sky is the limit. For a couple making a special toast at their wedding or another special occasion, a pair of custom contemporary champagne flutes lets you commemorate the “Mr.” and “Mrs.” with a funky shape and design. Folks love a unique find, but if traditional is your style, you can also put their names and wedding date on a set of lily champagne glasses. These elegant beauties integrate sparkly elements and the look of a blooming flower at the base. Finally, a set of retro toasting flutes inspired by the 1950’s tops off your choices. They’re fully customizable—and a super special memory maker.



Can I buy personalized champagne glasses for my corporate event?

If you need a large supply of champagne flutes for a big event, holiday party, or other gathering related to business, you will definitely find a number of attractive options. Corporate buyers can browse bulk sets of stemless champagne glasses with logo, which are great for celebrating with a crowd. Couples in need of a wedding favor may also buy a custom set of printed champagne flutes to use at the reception. Rest assured there are limitless possibilities for a simply stunning toasting experience.





Wine Bags and Bottle Carriers Let You Tote Your Vino in Style

Both foodies and wine enthusiasts know there’s nothing better than a night out at a BYOB restaurant. Not only do you save money, but it’s great having access to your favorite bottle of wine anytime, anywhere. That’s why it’s important to always have a quality wine bottle carrier on hand. Whether you’re stopping my a friend’s house, touring your local winery, or heading out for dinner and cocktails, you’ll want to keep your beverages safe, cold, and comfortably nestled by your side. Here are some ideas for staying prepared with wine bottle luggage and carriers. Read more »

Need a Smart Home Accessory? Wine Racks are Stylish and Absolutely Essential

Having proper storage is important to the serious wine buyer. When you invest lots of time, money, and energy into growing your collection, there’s nothing worse than losing an expensive bottle because it wasn’t stored properly. Wine racks are a solution to this age-old problem and also offer instant convenience for displaying your collection like the decorative art that it is. Here are some ways you can correctly store your wine at home using wine racks.

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Love Wine as Much as you Love Them? Check Out These Amazing Wine-Inspired Valentine’s Gifts

No matter how long you’ve been together, buying a gift for Valentine’s Day remains a perpetual conundrum. On one hand, you don’t want to resort to the usual candy, flower, and card routine. But if you take a risk on a unique present, your sweetheart may think you missed the mark.

Whether you’re buying for a cherished guy or girl this holiday, keep the hobby you share in mind: wine! If you’re part of a couple who enjoys a nice bottle over a candlelit dinner, then your significant other will surely enjoy some of these trending Valentine’s Day wine gifts. Read on for some super special presents featuring your favorite spirit. Read more »

Good at Geography? You’ll Be Even Better When Wine’s Involved

Art trends come and go so quickly in the world of interior design. That’s why it’s nice to find a piece that you not only love but that also stays relevant regardless of time and place. Luckily, we’ve found a really cool kind of functional art that pays homage to your favorite pastime—drinking wine!

Unique wine region maps make amazing focal points in a living room, wine cellar, kitchen, dining room, or really any area you like to gather and sip on a delectable red or white. Each meticulously crafted poster or canvas displays the ultra-accurate image of your favorite wine country or region. For a perfect gift or anytime treat for yourself, check out these ideas for enriching your life with beautiful vineyard and wine art. Read more »

Ever wish you could be a world-class sommelier? We’ve found a way…

Unlike other spirits, wine is infinitely complex and always changing. Every last variety, blend, or bottle is different, and that’s what makes this hobby so rewarding. If you’ve ever wondered how sommeliers manage to master all the intricate aromas and descriptors of wine, then you’re not alone. Most of us think that attaining years of education and experience is the only way to analyze wine like a professional. But now, there’s a way to expand your knowledge with the help of wine aroma kits. Read on for more on this novel way of experiencing our favorite cocktail. Read more »

Want Rustic Chic? Wine Barrel Furniture Brings Unexpected Elegance to Any Space

Wine lovers find a way to incorporate their favorite beverage into all aspects of their lives. In fact, the various décor associated with wine country offers instant appeal for oenophiles looking for a touch of elegance in their homes. From the dining room to the kitchen, living room to patio bar, quality wine barrel furniture brings a unique spin on the traditional cocktail setup. Here are some awesome ideas for integrating gorgeous oak barrel accessories and furnishings into your modern space. Read more »