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April 20, 2015

The Picnic Wine Basket Saves the Day!

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I had just come back from an extended business trip and was jet lagged. I received a text from my sister early in the morning that read, “meet at the park at 1, don’t be late!” For a few brief wondrous moments I had completely forgotten what she was talking about. As I walked to pour myself a cup of coffee, it hit me – today was Mother’s Day!

Wine Picnic Baskets Make Great Mother’s Day Gifts

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Being the good son that I am, I had completely forgotten to buy my mother a gift. In an agitated sprint I slipped on my clothes and stopped by the deli store on the way to the park. Crowded lines of patrons in situations similar to mine waited to buy flowers, bottles of wine, and other assorted goods for the special day.

Confronted with my own time sensitive predicament, I decided to call upon the assistance of an employee. “Any recommendations for a Mother’s Day gift? I found myself being guided by a young man, he must have been no older than 18 years of age, through what seemed like endless aisles. He showed me nice bottles of wine. Excellent cuts of cheese. Beautiful sets of glassware. A handy corkscrew. Cutting boards. “You can take your break now, Kevin,” yelled a voice from the back of the store. “I have to go now,” said the employee.  I was alone again, alone to fend for myself and pick a gift on my own. In a moment of brilliance, I got the notion to buy everything the young man had shown me. The idea was quickly thwarted – I didn’t find it fitting to hand my mother a shopping bag full of assorted items in such crude fashion. I was then struck by a second idea, but this time it was good. A Picnic Wine Basket! That was the answer. So simple yet so foolproof. It had everything I wanted in a single basket with beautiful presentation! 

I met my family at the park and handed my mother her beautiful basket – she loved it. So if you’re still thinking about what to get your mother for this Mother’s Day, take it from me, a Picnic Basket might just save the day!

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