Black Marble Courtesan Wine Bottle Wick


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Turn a bottle into a candle with our Black Marble Courtesan Wine Bottle Wick. Shop our vast collection of wine candles today!

Afterglow Bottle Wick, Black Marble Courtesan Favorite bottles become beautiful candles with Afterglow wicks. Fill the bottle with lamp oil, place wick into oil, and light. A wine bottle, water bottle, champagne, olive oil, or decorator bottle may be used. -Fill bottle with high-quality oil only and keep nearly full for optimal flame. -Insert cord into oil and let soak for 30 minutes -For a smoke-free flame, keep wick trimmed even with the top of the Afterglow. Wick may smoke when initially lit. Adjust if smoke persists. -Afterglow can be cleaned occasionally with a damp cloth or sponge. CAUTION: As with any open flame, care should be exercised. Not for use around flammable materials or children! Preserve a special memory....Savor the romance-turn your favorite bottle into a beautiful, glowing wine light. Burns lamp oil – economical clean.
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