BevWizard Wine Smoother

The BevWizard Wine Smoother is an innovative pouring device that improves many youthful red and white wines. It is a dripless wine pourer as well as a wine aerator all in one!
BevWizard Wine Smoother The BevWizard Wine Smoother is an innovative pouring device that improves many youthful red and white wines. The BevWizard Wine Smoother is an ingenious design and patented wine pouring device that improves a number of different beverages. The Wine Smoother works especially well on young, tannic red wines and significantly oaked white wines as tannins and astringent wines are made softer and fruitier and with less bitterness on the "finish". As wine is poured through the Wine Smoother it passes through a high intensity magnetic field built into the pouring spout, and combined with our unique oxgenation - wine aeration technology. This makes the BevWizards' wine aerating magic work for you. As wine is poured through the device the structure of the tannins is rapidly altered, yielding a smoother, sikier "mouthfeel". Many wines are made to taste softer and fruitier as if they had been further bottle-aged and become aggressive and more palatable. Tannins belong to the class of chemical compounds called polyphenols. Tannins and other polyphenols often cause a bitter, astringent sensation in the mouth and can cover up pleasant flavors, such as the fruit flavor in wine or juice, or the richness in coffee, tea chocolate, or whiskey and other spirits, Tannins and similar polyphenols are found in many substances, especially in the skins and seeds of fruits and vegetables, as well as in the leaves of plants, such as tea leaves. There are also strong, astringent tannins in wood, such as those found in oak barrels, oak staves, and oak chips used to treat wine and spirits. These wood tannins cause both wine and spirits to have harder, more bitter finish, and can obscure some of the underlying fruit flavors and richness. Smaller tannins are more apt to be hard and very astringent and cover up leasant, underlying flavors as they are negatively charged particles. Winemakers use a unique procedure called protein fining, whereby positively charged proteins, in the form of egg whites, are added to a drying, hard red wine to make it smoother, softer and fruitier. Such protenin fining is performed on some of the best wines in the world. Similarly, many consumers perform a version of their own protein fining by adding positively charged proteins, such as milk or cream, to coffee, tea or chocolate, which binds the protein to negatively charged tannins, making the beverages taste smoother. Years of ageing for high quality wines and spirits results in a smoother, more flavorful and better drinking beverage. During suich years of bottle ageing of twine or barrel ageing for spirits, tannins will slowly bind together. Such larger tannins are much softer than small, hard tannins. Another technique to handle tannins is to let wine or spirits breathe, or exposed to oxygen such as decanting a bottle of wine several hours prior to serving. The small, hard tannins combine to form larger, softer tannins in a chemical reaction markedly accelerated by oxygen. When these negatively charged tannins pass through the combination of aeration and a high intensity magnetic field of the BevWizard smothers, the tannins are encouraged to combine together. The process by which the magnetic field causes these chemical reactions is markedly increased with the simultaneous presence of oxygen. This results in a smoother, softer beverage, with more flavors, a less bitter and a longer finish. The unique patented design of both the Win eSmoother and Spirits Smoother is that of combining an aeration device with a powerful magnetic field. This combination of aeration and magnetic field instantly causes the hard, small tannins to bind together (polymerization). This process results in softer, larger tannins, which allow for the underlying flavors to emerge and delight the consumer!
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