BevWizard Spirits Smoother

BevWizard Spirits Smoother great for pouring whiskey!

BevWizard Spirits Smoother

The BevWizard® Spirits Smoother is an ingeniously designed pouring device that improves many wood matured spirits, including bourbon, scotch, cognac, brandy, calvados, Irish and Canadian whiskies and oak matured tequilas. Aging spirits, tequilas or whiskies in wood barrels improves flavor and richness at the expense of tannins which cause bitterness on the “finish”.

As tannic spirits or whiskies pass through a combination of oxygen and the high-intensity magnetic field in the pouring spout, the structure of the tannins is rapidly altered, yielding a softer, silkier mouthfeel. Wooded spirits are made to taste softer, smoother, and richer. Neodymium magnets create the powerful magnetic field that works the Spirits Smoother’s magic.

Magnetic treatment for beverages is not new; however, our method, which combines oxygenation and specially designed magnets is so unique that the Spirits Smoother has been issued a US Patent. You will find the Spirits Smoother very easy to use... it has no moving parts, requires no maintenance, is easily hand washed, is durable, and provides dripless pouring.

Simply “plug” snugly into the bottle-neck and pour away! Only beverages poured through the Spirits Smoother are altered; beverage left in the bottle remains unaltered. Have fun and enjoy! Take the Spirits Smoother Challenge. The BevWizard Spirits Smoother is designed to yield a softer, less tannic and less bitter taste. Open a bottle of spirits, as described above, and pour a small sample into each glass, first with the device, and taste; then remove the device and pour another sample into each glass and taste again.

You should find that the Spirits Smoother renders the spirits softer, smoother and richer. Taste preference is a personal matter and the device allows for one to prefer the beverage poured through it, while another may prefer the beverage “as is”. Either way, the Spirits Smoother adds another dimension to your beverage enjoyment. Better yet, pour small portions of spirits for your friends without telling them which glasses were poured with or without the Spirits Smoother...then have them “blind taste” the beverage. As they experience the distinct differences, they will discover the smoother texture and richness that appears from behind the tannins! Try our sister product, the BevWizard Wine Smoother similarly with youthful red wines, extracted red wines and oaked white wines.

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