Barrel Serving Tray with Antique Handles and Raised Oak Sides


Wine or Whiskey? This quarter barrel serving tray will enhance you drinking experience. Wooden legs rise the barrel above the table with rubber feet to keep from scratching surfaces.

Let this inverted quarter barrel serving tray be the centerpiece of your next party.  Measures 19 inches round and 3.5 inches tall with rich, wrought iron handles. 

Hand crafted in Virginia from ash wood / pine head and oak raised border.

This barrel serving tray has striking steel handles and frame for durability. No matter what you're displaying, it'll look stunning on this eye-catching, yet practical, wooden serving tray.

Handcrafted rought iron handles add a unique functional touch to the tray. The undersides of each piece are intentionally left unaltered by the craftsman, thus assuring each is a one of a kind work of art.

Inverted Quarter Barrel Serving Tray with Antique Handles Diameter in inches: 19

Height is 3.5 inches.

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