Royal Selangor Bacchus Wine Funnel for Decanting


This best selling Bacchus Pewter Wine Funnel is a unique way to decant your wine and maximize its flavor and bouquet.

When you use this lovely funnel, wine flows directly from the mouth of Bacchus, the Roman god of wine, and onto the edge of your decanter. This process allows the wine to open, which expands the aroma and optimizes the flavor for a more satisfying enjoyment of the varietal you are serving. The funnel is made from hand-cast pewter and features the face of Bacchus, his hair adorned with clusters of grapes and a beard that tapers to the tip. When your pour wine into the funnel, it appears the wine god is blowing wine right into the decanter. The exquisite detail on this aerating tool guarantees it will be a treasure among your wine service collection. It also comes packaged in a lovely gift box, so it's ready to give to that special wine connoisseur in your life. 

Bacchus Pewter Wine Funnel

Aerate your wine to maximize its unique flavors and bouquet using this stunning wine funnel that features the face of Roman wine god Bacchus.

Each Royal Selangor item is hand cast by pouring molten pewter into steel moulds quickly and efficiently. After cooling, each individual pewter piece is polished and soldered onto other appendages such as spouts and handles, all done by hand. These processes require a high level of skill from the craftsmen and women. This attention to detail and precision has made Royal Selangor's pewter pieces durable and timeless.

Wine Funnel measures:  16.5cm H x 9.5cm D

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