Aromabar White Wine Scents Starter Set

Have fun sniffing your way into the world of wine aromas. The key to the aromas contained in the set is found on the back of the Trial Boxes. Have a sniff for yourself! Set includes three wine flavors: Pear, Gooseberry and Peach. These 3 flavors you find in the most popular white wines Rielsing, Sauvignon blanc and Chardonnay. This is a beginning level of self-training in identifying and describing wine’s aromatic character. Three selected scent vials are included in each tin of wine aromas. The scents have been selected by professional sommeliers and wine makers.
Tasting Wine Starts with Smelling it! Wine taste when you are able to smell it. Most of the aromas we taste in our mouth start in fact in our nose. Play with the aromas - try to guess which on it is. Compare the bouquet of the wine with the aromas in the vials. You'll see how easy it is to train your nose but also how difficult it can be to identify the aromas. Tin measures 3-3/4” diameter by 1-1/4” high.
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