Aromabar Wine Scents Premium Essences Edition (60 Aromas Set)


The diversity of wine aromas is fascinating. They range from delicate floral and fruity scents to strong animal aromas and sometimes even chemical smells. The origins of these aromas are different. Most stem from the grape variety itself, others occur during winemaking, fermentation and the maturing of the wines.

The 60 wine education aromas, each in a screw cap vial, are marked with numbers corresponding to the listings in each manual. Those wine scent aroma categories are: 

  • White Wine. (12) Fruity aromas predominate in white wine.
  • Red Wine. (12) Contains a wide range of aromas.
  • Oaked Wine. (12) Wines are influenced when aged in oak barrels.
  • Wine Faults. (12) These are the cause of off-aromas.
  • Specialties. (12) Fascinating aromas in certain wines.
Each category is separated into five (5) boxes with its own manual. The remaining box contains a Master manual for all categories. The wooden box comes with a removable wood lid to easily display the entire collection at once. A wide elastic band keeps it closed. Aromabar Premium Edition for Wine Aromas Education From a wine amateur to a tasting professional - the AROMABAR Premium Edition makes this possible. Which wine enthusiast doesn't desire to have fun increasing his or her knowledge of wine? For all wine amateurs who wish to become tasting professionals, there is now a comprehensive school for your senses: the AROMABAR Premium Edition. The elaborately designed wooden case with 50 aroma vials is ideal for training your nose to recognize wine aromas. Many sommeliers and wine experts regularly use the Premium Edition to enhance their sense of smell. -Fruit aromas like pineapple, fig and grapefruit are among the aromas included in the Premium Edition. -Plant derived aromas such as pepper, lilac and green pepper are also included in the Premium Edition. -The Edition is completed with undesirable aromas like cork, lactic acid and sulphur and 12 exclusive aromas such as lychee, nutmeg and marzipan, which are only included in the Premium Edition. Working with the vials is quite simple: open the vial, smell and try to name the aroma. By comparing these aromas with the aromas in wine, you´ll have fun quickly training your sense of smell and thus your taste as well. Your knowledge about grape varieties, their typical aromas and good wines will develop on its own. The key to the aromas in found in an elegant, over 50 page long book, which provides additional valuable information about famous specialities in the world of wine. Box measures 23-3/8” x 13-1/8” x 2-1/2” high Includes the following wine aromas: Pineapple Pear Gooseberry Apricot Honey Peach Banana Apple Orange Grapefruit Fig Lemon Wild berries Strawberry Plum Raspberry Blackcurrant Cherry Blackberry Pepper Violet Almond Green pepper Mint Bitter chocolate Coffee Leather Cedar Butter Caramel Truffle Mushroom Smoke Vanilla Liquorice Tobacco Cork Rotten eggs Atypical aged tone Onion Lactic acid tone Lovage Vinegary taste Glue Horse sweat Sulphur Green clay Cauliflower Rose Yeast Nutmeg Marzipan Eucalyptus Raisins Lychee Melon Elderflower Mango Blueberry Mirabelle Plum All sales final on aroma sets.
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