Royal Selangor Archimedes Wine Funnel

Decant wine with the luxurious Royal Selangor Wine Aerator funnel. Archimedes Wine Funnel is made from pewter.
Gorgeous wine funnel to insert inside the neck of your elegant decanter. This wine funnel is clear glass with a pewter spiral where the wine will flow around into the decanter. This allows for optimal introduction of wine and air which will increase the flavor and aroma of your wine. Archimedes Wine Funnel by Royal Selangor Named after the inventor of the first water-raising cochlea which used simple machine principles based on the screw. When wine is poured into the funnel, it flows down in a vortex fashion. This exposes greater surface area of the wine to the atmosphere for aeration. The combination of pewter and glass allows you to witness the wine spiralling down. The seal between the pewter and glass component is made of food-grade silicon rubber and funnel is made from highly durable borosilicate glass. 13.5cm H x 10cm D Be sure to check out our entire selection of Royal Selangor products.
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