A Pear Itif Decanter


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Shop the finest collection of decanters. Designed by experienced glass blowers, this crystal decanter is produced using mineral deposits free of impurities. Using such pure raw materials eliminates the need to add lead content in order to produce brilliant crystal. The addition of lead to a decanter is a health hazard especially in spirits decanters as most enthusiasts leave their distilled spirits in decanters for longer periods. Lengthy exposure of spirits to a leaded decanter can result in lead leaching into the spirits. Typically lead is added to aid in the manufacturing process as it softens glass making it easier to mold & cut designs. To cut leaded crystal requires only one quick cut on a grinding wheel. The decanter is then dipped into an acid bath to quickly polish the cut. With unleaded crystal, the first cut is much more difficult & time consuming as the glass has not been softened by lead. Secondly, lead-free crystal cannot be simply dipped into an acid bath to quickly polish the cut. It must go back on a wheel and be painstakingly hand polished to perfection. Height 10 “ Width 5 1/2 “ Total Volume Filled Completely to Top: 32oz
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