Wine Label Removers, 50 Pack of Label Lifts

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Remember your favorite wines and memories by keeping the label off of a wine bottle. Save your favorite wine labels and write notes in one of our wine journals. Largest collection of journals with label removers around. This label peelers pack includes 50 wine label removers.  Easy to use!

50 Wine Label Removers

Take off your wine labels easily with wine label removers. Save favorite labels to create lasting memories in wine journals, albums or collages. 

Directions For Use:

After enjoying your bottle of wine, make sure the label area is completely dry on the empty bottle. Then:

1.) Remove the white backing from the label remover.

2.) Starting with one corner, place the sticky side of the label remover on top of the wine label. Using your fingers, a small ruler or a wooden spatula, press hard to smooth out all air bubble as you cover the wine label. Pay special attention to the edges.

3.) Set the bottle aside overnight. Re-press the label remover onto the wine label a few times before the next step.

4.) Make sure your hands are clean and dry. Starting from one corner, pull the label remover slowly away from the wine bottle. You will be pulling off just the top layer of paper, so don't worry if there is some paper left on the bottle. If parts fo the label are not coming off, re-press the label remover onto the wine label and set it aside for a few hours.

5.) When you have completely removed the label remover and label, press them onto the top potion of your Wine Journal Page.

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